We are driven by sharing our passion and ever-evolving knowledge with our clients and friends, so they too can reach their unimagined potential.

Our Story

"Hearing your story for the first time is a powerful experience that allows us to connect on a more personal level."

It's our job to put your story into words to help customers make that connection. However, before we tell your story, we believe it's important for you to hear ours.

We’re a team of graduates from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte that met while studying abroad in Paris and Prague. We connected based on our shared experiences while in Europe and discovered each of us had our own idea for a marketing company. One focusing on social media marketing, while the other on SEO and SEM.

We realized we each had a similar vision and a different set of skills that would work well together. After deciding to partner up and work towards a similar goal, Lateral Reach was born out of the fusion of each other's business name, Lateral Line and Reach Pro.

From then on, we have built our business around our core values: empathy, teamwork, curiosity, passion and audacity.

Our Values


Businesses love to say that the customer is always right, but rarely do their actions reciprocate that statement. We take pride in our ability to put ourselves in your shoes and truly listen. We believe that in order to develop a mutually beneficial relationship we need to respect and understand your point of view. We believe being great is always the best option.


We know that teams interact differently than they have in the past: They’re far more digital, diverse, and dispersed. Since we’ve operated in teams most of our lives, we understand the importance of collaborating with our clients and each other when it’s driven in a compelling direction. Our process is centered on partnering, listening, and then cultivating what we believe is the best solution for your business.


We get up each morning excited about helping others to find purpose through their work. This drives us and pushes us past the uncertainty that comes when we inevitably face adversity. We have an unmatched infectious enthusiasm that we believe gives us a powerful edge against other agencies that offer services similar to ours.


Our industry shifts monthly, daily, hourly even. It’s extremely important that we remain fully engaged with the world around us and continue to ask questions. We constantly seek to understand how things work so that we come up with better solutions to better market businesses.


Life is not worth living unless we are allowed to push the boundaries. We recognize this company was founded on being bold and taking risks, we recognize we are not the safe play. We are daring, we are unconventional, we may even seem foolish at times, but the fool didn’t know it was impossible: so he did it.

Our Founders

We don't believe in partnering with people that hold values we don't desire, that's why we partnered together to form a different kind of digital marketing agency.