Austin Mullins

For the past four years, I was fortunate enough to receive a soccer scholarship to play at UNC-Charlotte, a top-25 Division I school. These 4 years made a significant impact on who I’ve become. This is when I felt the ultimate euphoria of victory, and the emotional drainage of defeat. This is where I learned to be the ultimate team player, where I learned it was never about me. I learned how to be a better leader, a better listener, and a better communicator. I learned from my coaches to have an internal locus of control and to take ultimate ownership of my life. I’ve always had interests and passions outside of athletics like marketing, finance, and technology. I was a full-time student-athlete, so the summer months were very important to my professional growth. In my freshman year, I was fortunate enough to become a social media intern for a tech start-up in Silicon Valley. I built a social media calendar, created marketing videos, and saw the back-end of app development. This taught me the challenges of working within brand guidelines and adhering to a strict timeline in a start-up environment. The following summer I received the opportunity to become a media manager for My role was to recruit, interview, and lead a marketing team of my own. My task was then to build an internet marketing strategy from the ground up while helping expand the same model to 12 more cities around the country. Looking back, I’m incredibly grateful for these experiences because they were instrumental in my growth outside of who I was as a student-athlete. All these experiences culminated into co-founding my own marketing agency with Chris Carnes in July 2020. Chris is an astounding communicator and strategist that I met while studying abroad in Paris and Prague. We work extremely well together when we fuse our individual talents of strategy and design to make compelling digital content of all types. Our goal with this agency is to help businesses share their stories both internally and externally in order to create lasting customer relationships.

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